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To further empower your home or business during a blessing, mantra charms can be customized to meet your needs and then strategically placed in discreet locations of the building being blessed.

The following is a sampling of the types of mantra charms that can be prepared for blessings:

Image of Paper Mantra Charms on a Table
  • Grand Opening - to attract customers
  • Ground Breaking - to release negative energies
  • Moving In - to purify prior energies, offer protection, harmony, and health
  • Annual Adjustments - to modify the new year’s Nine Star energies
  • Birthing - to protect the newborn
  • Business Remodel - to increase business and establish teamwork and customer loyalty

Please see our Mantra Power page for more information on mantra charms.

Mantra Power Fees

Life Map must be done prior to ordering. Private lesson on how to meditate with mantra chants and mudras is included.

  • Personalized Mantra Charms (12-20) $1,000 Effective for one lunar year.
  • Set of 7 Mantrawear$1,000 Please provide your own cotton items.
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