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Grand Openings

When opening a new business, it is customary and good public relations to celebrate with a grand opening event to announce your business to the community. This invites good will and supporters to your business. However, sometimes a grand opening event is not enough to give your business the boost it needs, so it is important to announce your new venture on a spiritual level and ask for divine blessings with a blessing ceremony. We perform blessing ceremonies for:

  • Restaurant
  • Retail Store
  • Salon/Spa
  • Medical Clinic
  • Amusement Park
  • Professional Office
  • Manufacturing Plant
  • Entertainment Production
  • Warehouse
  • School

If you are opening a business, you have most likely already spent many days on legalities, logistics, design, and monetary preparation. Just as important is the clearing and blessing of your new space. If the previous business in your space went bankrupt or was engaged in a lawsuit, a blessing ceremony releases residual negative energies, protecting you, your employees, and your customers. During the ceremony, customized mantra charms are strategically placed throughout the building to further empower your business. When starting a new position or taking a new office at work, clearing your predecessor's energies will allow you to start fresh. Every business can benefit from a Grand Opening blessing ceremony.

Special Events

We also perform blessing ceremonies for special performances or other important life events:

Bouquet of Pink Roses
  • Wedding
  • Anniversary
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Company Summit
  • Expo
  • Conference
  • Sports Event
  • Fashion Show
  • Concert

These events often involve a high-stress factor and small mistakes can ruin the results. When a performance involves risky special effects or stunts on stage, a blessing ceremony can reduce the chance that accidents will occur.

Blessing ceremonies also create positive energy by bringing your team together to meditate for a successful event. In some cases, tickets for an event were not selling and a blessing ceremony helped turn the events into sold-out shows. It is also possible to empower the performers in a show, resulting in more motivated fan support.

For high profile events, a blessing ceremony creates a protective shield of energy that can minimize threats like troublemakers and riots.

Construction Sites

When you break ground to receive a new building, you are opening Mother Earth and absorbing the existing cosmic energies at that particular time. Depending on the geographical feng shui of the site, you can unleash powerful positive earth energies or disrupt earth energies that negatively affect the construction process and ultimately, the building's energy. For this reason, it is important to acknowledge Mother Earth and request her permission before groundbreaking. It is important to note that removal of trees, landscaping, or remodelling are also considered groundbreaking.

Wood structure of a New BuildingA vital part of a groundbreaking blessing ceremony is conducting it on an auspicious date when the planets are aligned in your favor. We have seen many cases in which the step of choosing an auspicious date was neglected only to witness delays in construction due to troubles, higher costs, or harm to the owners.

During the blessing ceremony, mantra charms are placed in all eight directions of a construction site to stabilize the disrupted earth energies. Empowered charms help sustain the energies of the blessing and continue to protect the building after construction. In cases where groundbreaking was started at an inauspicious time, a blessing ceremony can provide protection from the negative energies that were stirred up.


Whether you are moving to a new home or staying in your current home, a blessing ceremony is a good idea. This helps to ensure that your home is a peaceful space, not imprinted with energies of a dark past. If negative events took place in your home, such as a death, suicide, abuse, gossip, illness, cancer, miscarriage, bankruptcy, divorce, or crime, these bad energies and spirits can be released. When a house is haunted, a ceremony can be performed to send a message to release the wandering spirit. Even if someone dies in a hospital or at an accident site, his or her spirit sometimes wants to come home.

Alpine HouseIf you are trying to sell your home, it is helpful to clear the energies so that potential buyers are not discomforted by any heaviness of your home's history. Mantra charms can also be placed throughout the house to promote the sale.

Please note that a clearing ceremony is not a substitute for a feng shui analysis. A feng shui consultation uses physical items in your environment to adjust chi and promote your well-being. Clearing and blessing ceremonies focus on the metamorphosis of subconscious and spiritual energies.

Sometimes, you may still feel an uncomfortable and dark presence, or experience negative events in your life despite making feng shui adjustments. This is when a blessing ceremony becomes necessary for releasing the negative energy in your home. If you live near a spiritual portal such as a cemetery, hospital, church, temple, or butcher shop, you may need to schedule routine blessing ceremonies to purify your home of wandering spiritual energies.


As you welcome a new soul into your family, a blessing ceremony will create a more peaceful and nurturing environment for your newborn.

Wooden Dolls in the Shape of ChildrenBabies are extra sensitive to energy frequencies since they are still very close to the spirit realm.  If your baby cries incessantly for no apparent reason or your child has night frights, it may indicate that they are seeing shadows or experiencing strange occurrences. A blessing ceremony is recommended to clear any negative disturbances. This can also be performed at the birthing site, particularly for those who are giving birth at home.

Many children receive dolls as gifts or toys. It is recommended that their dolls be blessed. Sometimes these dolls are heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation, so they contain a lot of energies, both positive and negative. Your child's favorite teddy bear can contain negative energies causing illness, nightmares, or unstable behaviors.

Adolescents are also more sensitive to their surroundings and can be influenced by negative energies that have been imprinted into their spaces by prior residents.  For example, if their bedroom was previously occupied by a drug or sex addict, or a very ill person, these energies can transfer to your teenager.


When you travel your life is at a higher risk. If you spend a lot of time in a car, boat, or plane, it is important to perform periodic blessings on the vehicle.

Partial View of a Car DashboardSome vehicles have absorbed negative energies and as a result, they get into a series of accidents. When you buy a used car, it is a good idea to clear the energies of the previous owners.

If you are a driver or pilot by profession, it is particularly beneficial for you to bless your taxi, limousine, truck, race car, etc. to avoid accidents and injuries.

Also, if you transport corpses, slaughtered animals, or other dark energy substances, a regularly scheduled blessing ceremony can protect you from their influences.

Personal Items

When you acquire antique furniture, heirlooms, or second-hand items, they are imprinted with the energies of the previous owner.

Buddha StatueFor instance, sleeping in a bed that belonged to a sick person can make you sick. Placing the cabinet of a person who committed crimes in your home or office can connect their bad karma to you and your family.

When you wear jewelry that belonged to someone else or contains stones/crystals which have not been purified, you carry that energy with you. If  you keep antique swords that were used to kill in the house, they can contain a curse that incites violence in the inhabitants.

Many people also like to collect antique statues of deities. Unbeknownst to the new owner, they may have been stolen from temples or tombs and contain curses that bring about negative energies such as accidents, unrest, or conflicts.

Paintings or portraits can also contain the spirit of the person or subject matter. If you own a portrait of a person who had an unhappy life or was of bad character, that energy can influence you. If you hang a painting of a negative place or event, such as a cemetery, or a scene of war or a murder, that energy can also influence you.

Blessing Fees*

*A set of custom mantra charms is prepared for each ceremony.

  • House Blessing Ceremony $2.00 per sqft
  • Grand Opening Blessing or Public Event Blessing$3.00 per sqft
  • Vehicle Blessing$688 per vehicle
  • Statue Blessing or Jewelry Blessing$300 per statue or jewelry
  • Travel Fee$100 per hour (each way)
    No Travel Fee within 15 mile
    radius of San Marino, CA
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