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Calculating an auspicious date on which to conduct your blessing ceremony adds a positive energy factor that promotes you. An auspicious date allows the planets to be aligned in your favor and makes the blessing ceremony more effective.

The Chinese Almanac calendar specifies auspicious and inauspicious times for all vital activities of life - especially milestones such as birthing, grand openings, groundbreaking, weddings, blessings, moving, funerals, registering for school, remodeling, and travel. Each date in the Chinese Almanac is also associated with one of the Five Elements. An auspicious date that is unique to your energy is selected based on the promoting elements revealed in your Life Map.

It is important to avoid planning a milestone event and blessing ceremony during an inauspicious time. Not only can it defeat the purpose of the blessing, but it can have a detrimental impact on your event. For example, if you ground break to build your new dream home or business on an inauspicious date, it can increase the chance of accidents and paperwork problems. These unexpected hassles lead to money loss and negative stress.

To learn more, please see our Auspicious Dates page.

Auspicious Dates Fees

Promoting Elements must be calculated before an auspicious date can be determined. Please note: given that this is a service, we do not offer a refund after a date has been calculated.

  • Promoting Elements Calculation $100 per person
  • Auspicious Date $100 per two-week period
  • Birthing DateFees start at $500
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