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"To forget one's ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root."

~Chinese Proverb

Can Your Parents Affect You From Their Grave?

In feng shui philosophy, everything is made of energy or chi and there is no separation between life and death. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it only changes form and phase. Death is not the end, it is only a metamorphosis - the beginning of another life.

Just as we are affected by our environment when we are living, so does the environment of our final resting place similarly affect us. When a person passes away, their blood and genetic code remains in the bone marrow and continues to be affected by the earth’s magnetic frequencies. Because a child is made of his or her parents’ blood, flesh, and DNA, there is an undeniable connection between parent and child even when one dies. Ancestors and their descendants share a similar frequency that forms a lasting bond.

For this reason, there are three crucial components for a burial that maintains this vital connection between ancestor and their posterity. First, it is important to ensure that the body of the deceased remains whole and intact, thus casket burial is preferred to cremation. Second, the feng shui of burial plots and grounds should be evaluated and selected to be compatible to ancestors and loved ones laid to rest. Finally, an auspicious date is calculated for the day of the funeral.

Because the majority of burial grounds today do not have good feng shui, current generations are struggling or experiencing health problems. Why is it that certain sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, or cousins seem to live a constantly challenging life while the others do well? Why do some people give birth to highly intelligent and healthy children, while others give birth to babies who have health problems or who grow into adults that always get into trouble? Why are there so many genetic diseases and ailments in this world, despite the fact that we have advanced medicine and more available health care?

We sometimes encounter unexplainable phenomena in life. But these mysterious phenomena are often products of our ignorance. Certain negative life events occurring after a death in the family are sometimes connected to an inauspicious burial. One common example: a wealthy, outstanding couple has children who are top scholars and successful business owners, but soon after the father passes away, the eldest son’s business goes sour and he loses everything. On the surface, the business loss may seem unexplainable, but on a deeper level, the loss could have been avoided had the father been buried in a compatible location, passing down positive frequencies to his family.

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History of Feng Shui Used for Burials

Feng shui was originally used for the selection of burial grounds. This is true not only in Asian countries, but all over the world as archaeological evidence reveals elaborate tombs and temples created for the deceased. At one time, using feng shui in the process of selecting a final resting place for the deceased was reserved for royalty. Many cultures believe that there is an afterlife and that the degree of well-being of revered leaders in the afterlife affects the lineage of their progeny and the welfare of the common mass.

In China, the practice of feng shui was a well-kept secret. Feng shui masters and astrologers were key advisors to the emperor in many aspects of governing the empire. Few people know that feng shui was a vital process used throughout Chinese history that allowed imperial families to maintain their power and to reign over billions. One of these secrets was ensuring their ancestors were buried in a prime feng shui location to create a positive effect on future generations.

Mao Zhe Dong is an epitome of this example. Mao Zhe Dong banished and destroyed much of the literature on feng shui and related practices during the Cultural Revolution. Yet, he studied feng shui avidly before he became a politician and his father’s burial site in a very ideal feng shui location is one of the key reasons he was able to be a dictator of China for over forty years.

Burials Fees

  • Plot Analysis $500 per person per plot with a $1,500 minimum
  • Travel Fee $100 per hour each way
    No Travel Fee within 15 mile
    radius of San Marino, CA
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