Preciously Decorated Memorial Altar with Offerings, Candles and Incense

What can you do if you cannot change the burial ground of your ancestor?

If you discover that an ancestor has been buried in an inauspicious site which cannot be changed, creating an ancestral memorial with compatible feng shui in your home can help ameliorate defeating energies. An ancestral memorial can also adjust the energies of cremation.

An ancestral memorial is an altar - a sacred place in your home designated to pay homage to your ancestors. It can be seen as a spiritual portal through which the living can communicate with their loved ones who have passed on. By honoring the spirits of loved ones, we continue to receive their love, wisdom, and guidance from higher dimensions. This usually comes in the form of dreams, visions, and special signs related to them.

Depending on your home, an ancestral memorial can vary in size from a shelf, to an altar table, to a whole room. The defining element on the ancestral memorial is a place holder which is like a smaller version of a tombstone. This can be anything from a framed image of their name written in fine calligraphy to a wooden plaque or stone tablet engraved with their name. The place holder serves to hold a sacred space for the deceased and is best placed on an altar that is in a compatible orientation.

Whether or not a burial site is inauspicious, an ancestral memorial provides another space for ancestral spirits to rest and maintain a connection with the living. Offerings such as flowers, favorite drinks, and foods are placed on the altar, especially on special occasions.

Creating Your Altar

Liu Feng Shui can assist you in the traditional way of setting up an ancestral memorial by creating a custom place holder. We will handwrite your ancestor's name in calligraphy (in Chinese when appropriate) between two protection Mantra Charms on red paper and present it in a gold frame.