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A Peaceful Resting Place

Many of the problems we face today are in part due to the lack of knowledge of feng shui application to burial ground selection, the lack of land for burials, and various religious rituals that destroy the body, such as cremation.

After death, our bones continue to absorb the positive or negative magnetic energies of the earth environment. There have been cases all over the world in which graves have been dug up to clean the bones and it is discovered that the hair and nails of the deceased had continued to grow after death. Because parents are connected to their children through the energy frequency of their common blood, the children’s well-being is impacted by their parents, even after death.

When bodily remains are destroyed in processes such as cremation, the blood and DNA frequencies are no longer intact and cannot absorb the positive earth energies that can benefit posterity. This results in future generations being unstable in health and intelligence, which creates a negative impact on humanity. Thus, it is vital for the intact bodies of ancestors to be buried in a compatible location and laid to rest in a positive orientation.

Sometimes, a full body burial is not a choice and cremation is the only way to proceed. In this case, the ashes of the deceased can be scattered in a positive and appropriate location, or an urn containing the ashes can be placed in a cemetery or temple site that is compatible for the family. We further recommend that you create an Ancestral Memorial in a positive direction for your family in your home.

Burials Fees

  • Plot Analysis $500 per person per plot with a $1,500 minimum
  • Travel Fee $100 per hour each way
    No Travel Fee within 15 mile
    radius of San Marino, CA
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