Cemetery among Lush, Green Plants

Selecting Good Burial Grounds

Fortunately, feng shui is no longer limited to use by the elite, but in in the western world it is still focused on buildings for the living. When a loved one passes, their energy continues to affect everyone in the family so it is important to continue taking care of them by selecting a positive resting place for them.

When a burial ground is not properly selected, it can have a variety of potentially negative effects on the deceased’s living and future family depending on the orientation, mountain configuration, or land contour of a burial site. Certain mountain branches or ranges are associated to certain family members according to their place in the family line up, such as eldest son, second daughter, or youngest son. The shape, condition, and position of these mountain forms in relation to the burial site determine the effects on the family.

Feng shui masters who are trained and have the knowledge to select auspicious burial grounds are rare and few. Because we at Liu Feng Shui have over four generations of experience practicing feng shui with the grand view in mind, we are able to help you select a burial ground and site that promotes the well-being of everyone in the family. Just as you would have us help you select a house, we can help you select a positive final resting place. The following gives an overview of the process:

  • First, we ask you to provide the birth date and time of the deceased. This allows us to calculate his or her compatible burial orientation.
  • Similar to the house, it is vital for the burial site to be located within an ideal geographic formation. We are trained to detect and analyze how natural and man-made mountain forms affect the family of the deceased.
  • We will go to the memorial park with you to evaluate your choices for the burial site. Once a plot is selected, precise compass measurements will be taken to determine how the coffin should ideally be oriented in the ground so that the deceased may rest in an auspicious direction.
  • Finally, an auspicious funeral date is selected.

Burials Fees

  • Plot Analysis $500 per person per plot with a $1,500 minimum
  • Travel Fee $100 per hour each way
    No Travel Fee within 15 mile
    radius of San Marino, CA
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