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"Creating an environment of innovation can encourage people to break routine and pursue revolutionary ideas."

~Jeremy Gutche,
Chief Trend Hunter

Supercharge for Success

Are you working in a compatible field, in a positive work environment and with compatible people?

The Liu Feng Shui Grand View approach in your workplace creates a unique purposeful environment that motivates teamwork, enhances communication, prevents setbacks, and boosts your business prosperity and success.

Business Feng Shui Services offered by Liu Feng Shui provides you with four generations of experience, as well as efficient and aesthetic architectural designs seamlessly integrated with the most effective feng shui principles, all personalized to your Life Map and your business needs.

5 Top Reasons to Feng Shui Your Business

  1. You spend an average of 8 hours a day working. This is about a third of your life. 
  2. Your work space is the foundation from which you generate your livelihood. Proper feng shui implementation increases productivity and business income. 
  3. According to scientific studies, your environment is directly linked to your health, energy level, emotions, and productivity.
  4. A working environment that does not support you or your business leads to constant troubleshooting, lawsuits, income obstacles, staff conflicts, scattered focus and lack of motivation.
  5. Feng shui can help you avoid work-related injuries and illness. Work spaces designed for functionality alone tend to be disconnected from nature, lacking personalization and consideration for how the environment affects you.

Types of Businesses

Liu Feng Shui provides feng shui consultations for a wide spectrum of existing and new businesses, such as:

  • Corporate Office
  • Personal Office
  • Home Office
  • Manufacturer
  • Restaurant
  • Medical Office
  • Salon
  • Spa
  • Market
  • Retail Office
  • Gym
  • School
  • Public Building
  • Bank
  • Warehouse
  • Entertainment Studio

Feng Shui Consultation Fees

  • Per Square Foot Rate$1.00 with a $1,000 minimum
  • Travel Fee $100 per hour each way
    No Travel Fee within 15 mile
    radius of San Marino, CA
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