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The Zi Wei Dou Shu Life Map is one of the highest forms of astrology. Calculating over 116 stars into 12 sectors of your life, it is like a detailed map of your life that provides profound insight into your existence. It has been used since ancient times to help define one’s purpose or career. Working in a compatible career field enhances your sense of usefulness and happiness. Instead of working primarily to earn money for sustainability, being engaged in your life mission can make every moment of your work more meaningful and enjoyable.

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Critical Career Questions

The Life Map can answer for you:

  • Are you in a compatible field and what are your compatible fields?
  • What is your financial potential?
  • What role are you suited to within a business - employee, boss, manager, investor?
  • When do turning points occur in your career - new job opportunities, business, partnerships?
  • Should you enter into a partnership and with whom - friend, colleague, sibling, spouse, parent?
  • How is your career doing - current status, legal issues, work relationships?
  • What regions or locales do you thrive in?
  • What colors, shapes, symbols or numbers promote you and your business?
  • What direction should your office door face and where should your desk be?
  • Who are compatible types of people to work with or hire?
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Life Map Consultation Fees

  • Zi Wei Dou Shu Life Map $500 (120 mins)
  • Follow-up Consultation $300 (60 mins)
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