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Whether you are opening a new business or relocating, the best time to integrate feng shui principles is at the beginning of your new location selection process. Starting off in the right directional orientation and feng shui environment can greatly impact the amount and level of energies that promote your business.

Guidelines Report for Selecting a New Business Location

Shopping Street with Spanish ArchitectureBusiness location selection guidelines is a report that helps you assess the following as you or your agent search for your new location:

  • Compatible orientations of front and back entrances.
  • Best street configuration in relationship to your building site.
  • Compatible area and office directions for you and your key staff.
  • Environmental factors and building characteristics to avoid.

All of the above are based on the birth dates of you and your business partners. As such, please note that we will need this information to provide these guidelines.

Preview of a Prospective Business Location

Office BuildingsOnce you have narrowed down your business location search to one or two properties, we can do a feng shui preview before you make an offer or sign a lease agreement. This analysis-only service includes evaluations of the exterior environment, building shape and room layout to determine how compatible the property is to you and your team.

We will give you instructions on how to take compass readings which will need to be provided. Major renovations to improve feng shui will also be discussed for you to consider when making an offer. Recommendations for colors, furniture layout and decor are not included in a preview, but can be obtained in a separate consultation after you have acquired the new location.

New Business Location Fees*

*Please provide the birth dates for you and your business partners.

  • Guidelines Report$300 (for up to 4 people)
  • Each Additional Person$50
  • Prospective Location Preview$0.50/SF
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