Ceremonial Dragon of a Dragon Dance

When opening a new business, it is customary and good public relations to celebrate with a grand opening event to announce your business to the community. This invites good will and supporters to your business. However, sometimes a grand opening event is not enough to give your business the boost it needs, so it is important to announce your new venture on a spiritual level and ask for divine blessings with a blessing ceremony. Performing a Grand Opening Blessing Ceremony benefits the beginning of your business. Let us spiritualize your space and transform it into an empowering environment.

Start Fresh

Whether you are opening a restaurant, office, casino, manufacturing plant, or starting a new entertainment production, you have most likely already spent many days on legalities, logistics, design, and monetary preparation. Just as important is the clearing and blessing of your new venture.

If the previous business in your space went bankrupt or was engaged in a lawsuit, a blessing ceremony releases residual negative energies, protecting you, your employees, and your customers.

When starting a new position or taking a new office at work, clearing your predecessor's energies will allow you to start fresh.

Start Strong

Hands holding an Incense Stick tracing a Mantra CharmTo strengthen the impact of the Grand Opening of your business, an auspicious date will be carefully selected to assure positive planetary alignment during your blessing ceremony.

To further empower your business beyond the single occasion of the ceremony, customized Mantra Charms will be placed at the entries, main building and business features, and specific furniture during the blessing.

Auspicious Dates Fees

Promoting Elements must be calculated before an auspicious date can be determined. Please note: given that this is a service, we do not offer a refund after a date has been calculated.

  • Promoting Elements Calculation $100 per person
  • Auspicious Date $100 per two-week period
  • Birthing DateFees start at $500
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