When you start a new business, expand, or reinvent yourself, logos are one of many factors that influence your success. As the first impression of your business, your logo should clearly communicate your business mission. Meaningful, iconic, and memorable logos instill confidence in your company. Find out how you can benefit from our Liu Feng Shui Business Branding services below.

"Soleil Pharmacy" Logo"Sky" Logo"Elley" Logo
"Great Blue Heron Wellness" Logo"Crown Bakeshop" Logo"TritonD" Logo
"Acclare" Logo"Dolcissimo" Logo"Paon Vert" Logo

Benefits of Feng Shui Branding

  • Represents you, as well as energetically supports you.
  • Incorporates powerful Yi-Jing, mantra charms, and universal symbols into your business identity, encoding meaning and depth that empowers you and what your business stands for.
  • Creates an expression that inspires both you and your customers.

Getting Started

First, we interview you to learn about your business, mission, company size, and marketing goals. We want to understand what you wish to express with your logo and how you plan to use it. Next, we gather the birth date information of the business owners and calculate the Life Maps. This reveals which promoting elements, colors, symbols, numerology, and forms to use in your logo design. It even reveals the best medium to use if your logo is used in signage.

How compatible the business is to you, compatibility with your partners, and the feng shui of your office will also affect your business potential. Please see Life Map and Grand View Feng Shui.

Creating a New Company Name

While the logo is a visual emblem of your company, it is your company name that people use when referring to your business. It is an important verbal and audio component of your business that should have a positive sound, meaning, and compatible numerology that resonates with a lasting impression of your company's energy.

This is the process we employ to develop your company name:

  1. Meditate on you and your business.
  2. Incorporate positive meaning that matches your business and your promoting elements.
  3. Calculate the numerological compatibility of any new or existing company names with your and your partners' Life Maps.

Logo Design Process

  1. A logo is made based on your promoting elements' colors, shapes, numerology, and symbols. When applicable, lettering design is integrated to enhance your business name and/or slogan.
  2. In about two to three weeks, a finished logo design is presented to you for approval. It is delivered as full-color digital art, which can be requested in any of the following formats: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, PSD, PDF. A written description of how your promoting elements have been incorporated into your logo is included.
  3. Once you have approved the logo design, further requests or changes will incur an additional fee.

Please note that it is your responsibility to verify that your logo and company name do not violate existing trademarks. A trademark attorney is usually employed as it involves extensive paperwork.

Other Design Services

Business Cards

We incorporate your new or existing logo into a personalized business card that is designed based on your promoting elements. We can also format the business card according to printer specifications. We do not provide printing services.

Business Slogan

We create a new slogan (or improve an existing one) to promote your business.

Brochure Design

We assemble text, visual elements and stock photos for a personalized and streamlined brochure. This includes any or all of the following aspects:

  • Editing existing text to best communicate the services of your business.
  • Designing page layouts, which includes selecting fonts and choosing colors that match your promoting elements.
  • Finding stock photos to enhance the information you want to communicate.
  • Formatting the brochure according to printer specifications. We do not provide printing services.

Website Design Consultation

We review text and visual elements for your existing website. This includes any or all of the following aspects:

  • Providing feedback on website content and navigation to best support your business.
  • Analyzing graphics and making suggestions based on feng shui principles.
  • Recommending color themes that match your promoting elements.

Business Branding Fees

  • Logo Design
    • $3,000 one logo
    • $300 for each additional change after work has been approved by client
  • Business Card and Brochure Design
    • $500 one single-sided card
    • $1,000 one double-sided card
    • $300 for each additional change after work has been approved by client
  • Company Name$500 one name for up to two owners
  • Numerology Calculation$100 for existing company name
  • Promoting Element Calculation$100 for one owner
  • Other Design ServicesPlease contact us directly so we may calculate the fees according to the scope of your project.
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