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We provide feng shui design consultation for a wide spectrum of businesses:

  • Bank
  • Corporate Office
  • Entertainment Studio
  • Factory
  • Gym
  • Home Office
  • Mall
  • Market
  • Medical Office
  • Personal Office
  • Public Building
  • Restaurant
  • Retail Shop
  • Salon
  • School
  • Spa
  • Theater
  • Warehouse

Harmonious Design

Feng shui is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to promote business life. As a business owner, the quality of your work environment greatly affects your energy level, customer relationships, staff relationships, productivity, and more importantly, income. If you have done everything you can to be competitive but find that your business is not meeting your expectations, it is time to think out of the box and consider other factors that may be limiting your success. It is vital to take steps to create work spaces that help you reach your full potential.

Scientific studies have shown that the human body has a measurable energy field that is similar to the earth's electromagnetic frequency. When you align yourself with similar earth energies, your own energies are amplified. This enhances focus and productivity. Incorporating feng shui into business space design not only results in a highly functional and aesthetic work space, but also creates an inspiring environment that supports your personal energy as the owner(s), and the energies of your employees based on their Life Maps and goals.

Getting It Right from the Start

Ideally, feng shui principles are introduced as early as possible into the design process. This saves you money and time. Applying feng shui from the start allows us to collaborate effectively with your architect rather than having them revise their designs over and over again, creating frustration. Projects often lose steam and motivation when there is not a clear vision, which delays your business dreams coming true.

Process of Designing Your Ideal Business Space

Before the actual design process begins, finding a site, building, or unit with orientations that are compatible to you sets the foundation from which the design is created. Once you have decided on a site or building, we will interview you to understand and integrate the specific dynamics of your business into the feng shui design.

Scope of Design Consultation:

  • Business structure: Nature of your business, the different departments, levels of personnel, and your customer relationship
  • Staff coordination: Departments and staff that need to work together
  • Work flow: How each department or staff contributes to the business
  • Area Functions: Discuss reception, waiting room, conference room, manager's office, cubicles, etc
  • Business goals: What your short term and long term goals are for your company
  • Life Maps: All owners/partners and staff Zi Wei Dou Shu Life Maps are calculated to understand each person's supporting orientations, promoting elements and compatibility potential with each other
  • Building orientations: Compass measurements are taken on site

Design Documents

Schematic floor plans include:

  • Main entrances
  • Compatible locations for your business functions, including staff stations
  • Key furniture layout in areas such as reception, conference room, and cashier, as well as placement of office desks and chairs, equipment, and inventory

As we get your feedback and go through the design development phase to meet code requirements, feng shui principles will be applied to the aesthetic details of interior and exterior design.

Design Details include:

  • Special features such as motifs in which specific shapes or patterns are incorporated at the entrance, lobby, or landscape areas
  • Recommendations for colors, materials, lighting, plants, and art work for all rooms and exterior

List of Design Projects

  • American Real Estate, Oxnard, CA
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, CA
  • Bandai America, Inc., Cypress, CA
  • Chow Chocolat, Buffalo, NY
  • Gabuten Dental Center, Carson, CA
  • Gensler, Los Angeles, CA
  • Goldilocks Bakery, Santa Fe Springs, CA
  • Healing Garden Spa, Guadalajara, Mexico
  • iBody, San Marino, CA
  • IW Group, Inc., West Hollywood, CA
  • Kim Seng Company, Commerce, CA
  • Los Angeles Asian Journal, Los Angeles, CA
  • Lotus Home Healthcare, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
  • Mendoza Medical Clinic, Bellflower, CA
  • NASA Services, Inc., Montebello, CA
  • Patrizia Face and Body Clinic, Beverly Hills, CA
  • Sequoia Intelligence Fitness, Westwood, CA
  • Signature Smile Dental, Fullerton, CA
  • Vellano, Chino Hills, CA
  • Westfield Santa Anita Mall, Arcadia, CA

Business Space Design Fees

Due to the diversity of projects, please contact us directly so we may discuss your project scope in detail. Our general fee structure is based on either square footage or an hourly rate.

  • Per square foot rate$2.40
  • Hourly Rate$450
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