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Seasonal Feng Shui

Just as boats shift their sails to catch the changing winds, in order for us to evolve, it is vital to make seasonal feng shui adjustments that draw upon the power found in the Flying 9 Stars and the Life Map.

Receiving a feng shui consultation and making adjustments only once does not mean you will always have a harmonious life and prosperity. To reap consistent benefits throughout your life, you must stay engaged with your environment to harness the higher powers that promote you.

Rather than doing the majority of readjustments, remodeling or redecorating at the end of the year in preparation for the Lunar New Year, we work with our clients to create feng shui projects that can be scheduled seasonally throughout the entire year. Each project will be tailored to suit your priorities, schedule and lifestyle.

How it works:

  1. Contact Jenny or Julie to schedule your Feng Shui Adjustment
  2. A Liu Master comes personally to your home or office
  3. Discuss your new year’s goals with a Life Map Update (optional, but recommended)
  4. Review the Nine Star Chart, so we can:
    1. Identify the directions that promote you for prosperity, health and relationships
    2. Highlight directions that require caution
  5. Explore feng shui adjustment options
  6. Prioritize adjustments
  7. Create an implementation schedule that is convenient for you
  8. Properly implement adjustments with existing items
  9. Create a to-do list of items you still need
  10. Double-check adjustments in follow-up sessions as needed

Please note:

  • There will no longer be a written report, but a reference chart and recommendations list will be provided.
  • For clients outside of the greater Los Angeles area, we offer video conferencing via Skype or FaceTime.

An evolved approach

After reviewing annual feng shui adjustments done from 1998-2017, we have discovered that the clients who preferred meeting in person tended to do better compared to those who had off-site reports. Meeting in person and making on-site adjustments allow us to catch up with you and see firsthand the changes that need to be made in your space. We can better understand your goals, implement adjustments and answer your questions on the spot.

Starting 2019, feng shui adjustments and annual readjustments will only be conducted either on-site or by meeting in person at our offices or via video conference. Instead of an off-site written report where we do not get to interact with you, we can now give you a personalized and immediate consultation that reflects your current situation.

Another change that will take effect in 2019 is that the annual feng shui adjustment fees will be set on an hourly basis of $300/hour. With an hourly rate, you get to be the one who decides how much you want to cover in each feng shui consultation.

Finally, we highly recommend to have your annual Life Map Update done beforehand as it can serve as a guide to setting your annual goals which are so instrumental in your feng shui adjustments. Having your Life Map done in advance also allows us to evaluate your situation promptly and efficiently.