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Deep understanding of natural laws and appreciation of the spiritual world can transform negative energy into positive energy through developed subconscious power.

Whether you are moving into a new home or want to revitalize your current home, a space clearing or blessing ceremony transforms defeating energies that can be negatively affecting you. A blessing ceremony is especially recommended if tragic events took place in your home, such as fire, death, suicide, abuse, gossip, illness, cancer, miscarriage, bankruptcy, divorce, or crime. These devastating events create energies and spirits that need to be released.

Sometimes a house is haunted by previous residents. When someone dies in a hospital or at the site of an accident, his/her spirit may return to the house they used to live in, even though new owners have moved in. In this case, a special ceremony is performed, sending a message that releases the wandering spirit.

Selling Your Home

Singing BowlSometimes a house has trouble selling because residual energies from past events cause potential buyers to feel uncomfortable while previewing the house. Mantra Charms made specifically to clear energies and attract buyers can be placed throughout a home to promote the sale. When these energies are cleared, potential buyers are not repelled by a heavy sense of the house's past history. Instead, they feel at ease and can start to envision their future here, leading to a purchase offer.

Blessing Ceremony vs. Feng Shui Analysis

Closeup of Green BambooPlease note that a blessing ceremony is not a substitute for a feng shui analysis. A feng shui consultation uses physical items in your environment to adjust chi and promote your well-being. A clearing and blessing ceremony focuses on the metamorphosis of subconscious and spiritual energies.

If you have made feng shui adjustments, but are still feeling uncomfortable and experiencing negative events in your life, a blessing ceremony can release a spell or a curse on your home. Pervading negative energies in your home can also be the result of living near a cemetery, hospital, church, temple, or butcher shop. In these cases, you may need to schedule periodic clearing ceremonies for the negative spiritual energies that are perpetually haunting you.

Blessing Fees*

*A set of custom mantra charms is prepared for each ceremony.

  • House Blessing Ceremony $2.00 per sqft
  • Grand Opening Blessing or Public Event Blessing$3.00 per sqft
  • Vehicle Blessing$688 per vehicle
  • Statue Blessing or Jewelry Blessing$300 per statue or jewelry
  • Travel Fee$100 per hour (each way)
    No Travel Fee within 15 mile
    radius of San Marino, CA
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