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House Buying Guidelines

The energy of your home is fundamental to your well-being. Your home is also the biggest investment you are likely to make in your lifetime. Many people unknowingly spend their life savings on a house with bad or incompatible feng shui, so rather than achieving the “American dream,” they end up in a nightmare they cannot wake up from. We have seen wealthy families go bankrupt, perfectly happy couples end up in divorce, and well-behaved children take a wrong turn when they live in an incompatible house. Numerous clients swear they will never buy a house without consulting a feng shui master first.

To save yourself from heartache and headache, select or build a house with a set of feng shui House Buying Guidelines that are compatible to you and your family's energies. These guidelines are personalized based on each resident’s birth date and tell you what to avoid and what to look for when purchasing a house that supports each family member.

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House Buying Guidelines Include:

  • Compatible directions for each house resident.
  • Best building, door, and unit orientation.
  • Suitable geographic environments for your home.
  • Best directions for common rooms, such as living room, dining room, and kitchen.
  • Special considerations for furniture placement.

To order your personalized House Buying Guidelines, please contact us with the birthdates of your family members. 

On-site House Preview

Once you have narrowed down your house search to one or two properties, we can come on-site to do a feng shui preview before you make an offer. This analysis-only service includes accurate compass measurements and analysis of the exterior environment, house shape and room layout to determine how compatible the property is to you and your family. Major renovations to improve feng shui will also be discussed for you to consider when making an offer.

Preview-only rate is $0.50/sq.ft. plus $100/hour travel fee outside a 15 mile radius of San Marino, CA. Recommendations for colors, furniture layout and decor are not included.

Home Buying Guidelines Fees*

*Please provide the birthdates of your family members.

  • Guidelines Report$300 (for up to 4 people)
  • Each Additional Person$50
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