Chinese Calendar Book

One of the most exciting times in life is moving into a new home or ground breaking a new project. To ensure this new beginning is positive, it is best started on an auspicious date when the planets are aligned in your favor. An auspicious date is calculated based on information from your Life Map and the Chinese Almanac. To learn more, please see our Auspicious Dates page.

Moving In

There are many ways to signify you have officially moved into your new home:

  • Blessing ceremony
  • Putting your bed into place and sleeping in your home
  • Turning your stove on, cooking a meal and eating it

Ground Breaking

Before starting construction of a new building, we recommend a ceremony to respectfully request blessings from Mother Earth to build upon the land. According to the Chinese Almanac, there are many inauspicious dates that can bring calamity. Selecting an auspicious date invites positive energies to empower your project and avoid problems. Additionally, mantra charms can be prepared to sustain the effects of the blessing.




Auspicious Dates Fees

Promoting Elements must be calculated before an auspicious date can be determined. Please note: given that this is a service, we do not offer a refund after a date has been calculated.

  • Promoting Elements Calculation $100 per person
  • Auspicious Date $100 per two-week period
  • Birthing DateFees start at $500
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