Mountain Path

"Eachman's liferepresents aroad towardhimself."

~Herman Hesse,
German-Swiss poet,
novelist, and painter

"The Story of God" with Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is the host for "The Story of God," an ongoing documentary on the National Geographic Channel about his travels around the world in search of a deeper understanding for divine matters. Master Jenny Liu participated in his epic journey when he visited her for an expert Life Map reading and a heart-to-heart conversation about Taoist philosophy. Their profound encounter has been shared with viewers around the world in the final episode of season one called "The Power of Miracles." Watch the clip by tapping the image below, or directly on YouTube. For additional clips from "The Story of God", visit the show’s official YouTube channel.

"The Story of God Video Screenshot"

Master Jenny Liu, Morgan Freeman & Master Julie LiuMaster Jenny Liu had a very memorable afternoon with Academy Award winning actor, Morgan Freeman, and his camera crew. Some of the topics discussed include the principles behind feng shui, reincarnation, and karma.

  • Morgan Freeman: "So is [Life Maps] connected to feng shui?"
  • Master Jenny Liu: "This is based on a Taoist thought. Everything is made of energy. We're all connected through energy. Feng is wind. Shui is water. It's an energy that we cannot destroy or create; it's always there. But we can divert it, we can harness it."
  • Morgan Freeman: "We can ride it."
  • Master Jenny Liu: "We can ride it! Exactly! The Chinese say birds do not fly... they are flown. Fish do not swim... they are?"
  • Morgan Freeman: "Carried."
  • Master Jenny Liu: "They are carried. They are swum. By water."

Master Jenny adds, "The message of ‘The Story of God’ is powerful and timely. I have heard from clients, friends and family who have watched it, that they were captivated and learned something new that changed their perspective. The series has a great diversity of voices. To me, the fact that there were experts, as well as laymen with extraordinary experiences, made the documentary both intriguing and poignant. My favorite aspect of the show was following along Morgan's journey. I felt as if I was right there with him, hearing about his personal stories and exploring through his eyes.

As I watched the whole series, I marveled at the amount of work it took to put all that information together in a coherent and positive way. After nearly an hour of filming our interview, I was really curious about how my information was going to be integrated into the show. I was pleased to see the film crew captured the warm connection between us, and the key points articulated with special visuals in post-production. My deep gratitude to Morgan and his team, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of National Geographic's ‘The Story of God’."

Zi Wei Dou Shu Life Map (紫薇斗数)

The Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) is an astrological life map that guides you along your journey. Many people think of astrology as a mystical practice related to metaphysics, while few people understand the science behind astrology and that an expert ZWDS reading reveals messages from the future and the past that help you in the present. In ancient China, the ZWDS was solely used by the imperial court and forbidden to the masses. Today, it is a wonderful, precious gift passed down to you from your predecessors for your benefit. The only way to know the truth about the authenticity of the ZWDS is to experience this powerful life tool for yourself.

About the Life Map

  • In Chinese, "zi wei" (紫薇) means emperor and relates to the celestial powers, "dou" (斗) is the gathering of information, and "shu" (数) is calculation.
  • One of the highest forms of astrology, calculating the positions of over 120 stars
  • Statistical record based on your specific date, time, and location of birth
  • Accuracy of 90+% when interpreted by an expert
  • Covers 12 sectors of your life
  • Covers monthly, annual, and 10-year cycles of your life

Consider it your good karma that you were led to learn about the ZWDS and its benefits. About 99% of all people do not know what it is and that is why many people struggle in life. Currently, there are few true experts who can accurately interpret this complex astrological chart. A Life Map reading is like turning a light on in your life. You will be able to see everything much more clearly. It makes all the difference.

Share this benefit with others and let them see what a truly profound tool it is so they can benefit from it. Be the person who helps turn a friend's or relative's life around. They will be grateful for your sharing.