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Although each of our clients experiences the wisdom of their Life Map reading (Zi Wei Dou Shu astrology) in a unique way, here are the most common benefits that they have received:

Preventing Setbacks

The Zi Wei Dou Shu astrology provides invaluable insight into your life that helps you avoid setbacks and problems. People generally do not know what tomorrow will bring, thus they are not always prepared and go about their lives not knowing how to avoid problems, sickness, conflicts, disaster, gossip, car accidents, and divorce. Life becomes mostly trial and error, like trying to get somewhere you’ve never been without a map to guide you. When you prevent setbacks, you can put your energy and efforts into reaching goals instead of dealing with problems.

Understanding Your Karma

As you progress through the journey of life, you will undoubtedly experience people and situations related to your karma. You may encounter bumps in your path in the form of challenges in your career, relationships, or family and not understand why so many obstacles are blocking your way. A Life Map reading offers clarity and meaning regarding the people and events in your life. This awareness brings an immense sense of closure to certain issues in your life. You will discover and appreciate that your life's challenges are blessings in disguise.


One of the reasons you come into this life is to return karmic debt and to learn appreciation. If someone gives you a hard time, instead of reacting negatively, you can see it as an opportunity to improve yourself, to self-reflect, and to make changes. If you do not learn from the hard knocks, you will continue to face these challenges until you do. Exploring your Life Map helps you understand challenges and how to avoid them before they affect you.

Paving Your Future

Many people hesitate to know their future, fearing that their destiny may hold tragic events. Instead, they prefer to go through life ignorant of what lies in their path. However, this lack of information can often be the stumbling block that prevents them from realizing their goals. Success requires prior preparation and without such, failure is sure to follow. The Life Map is an objective guideline that provides insight and direction.

Navigating Your Life

Like road signs, your Life Map cites where you might encounter dead ends and what directions lead towards positive destinations. Can you imagine the time, energy, money, stress, and heartache you could save if you were able to avoid the wrong relationships, careers, business partners, or studies and head towards the right ones? A Life Map reading is a definite step in the right direction.