Monk Seated in Mediation

"Who am I and what am I doing here?"

At some point in your life, you have probably asked yourself this question. After all, it is human nature to ponder the meaning of your life. Sometimes, even the people closest to you, such as your family or best friend, cannot help you. Who or what can you turn to for objective expert advice that has your best interest at heart? Life Map readings are most beneficial during turning points or milestones when the decisions you make are crucial.


  • Career

    One of the most useful aspects of the Zi Wei Dou Shu Life Map is its ability to offer guidance in your career and confirm where your true passion lies. Many clients who come to us are not compatible with the career path they chose. When your heart is not in your work, you become unhappy, stressed, exhausted, and financially strained, pulling your relationships and health down as well. Over time, this negativity attracts challenges, troublemakers, theft, gossip, complaints, or even lawsuits. As your self-esteem wears down, life feels meaningless. You will find that doing something you love is true prosperity, as it will set off a chain reaction that improves other areas of your life.
    • Compatible position - To be successful, it is vital to know if the career field and job position you select are compatible to you. Your Life Map reveals if you should climb the corporate ladder or create your own enterprise. When you work in a compatible field and in a position that matches your expertise and Life Map energies, you will shine.
    • Partnerships - The Friendship Sector in your Life Map points out what obstacles and struggles you need to watch out for in business partnerships. If your Friendship Sector contains negative stars indicating conflicts, you do best to work independently. On the other hand, your Life Map may tell you that your career success is dependent upon your friends. If this is the case, then you need to collaborate with the right partners.
    • Wealth Potential - If the Money Sector in your Life Map shows a gambling streak without returns, you should avoid speculative investments to minimize loss. If it shows that your income potential is in the six digits and you are only earning five, you are short changing your potential. Knowing that the stars support you, you gain confidence in reaching further. Similarly, your Life Map reveals if you can potentially earn income from investments, side businesses, or as a beneficiary. Knowing where your money comes from and which fields match you allows you to correctly focus your career priorities and energy. If your Life Map shows that your wealth comes late in life, it may motivate you to make feng shui and personal adjustments to attract the wealth energy into your life sooner.
    • Place of Establishment - Your Life Map reveals the city, state, region, and country that are strongest and weakest for you in which to do business. For example, if you are in Los Angeles and your Life Map shows that Los Angeles is not the best place for you to establish your business, you will find that no matter how much marketing you do or how good your feng shui is, you still encounter obstacles and struggles.
    • Timing - Your Life Map reveals the strongest periods for you to make changes, expand, relocate, or go to the next level in your career. If you start a new business venture or apply for a promotion, it is very important to do it during an ascending cycle in your life. When you start a business in a descending cycle of your life, you might find challenges, suffer frustration, lose money, or expend more energy than necessary. The timing of your career within the current economic cycle also impacts your success.

  • Birth

    Before conceiving a child, you can pre-select an ideal Life Map and make sure your child is born at that exact date and time. This is usually only possible through C-section deliveries when the timing can be controlled. Pre-selection is done to conceive a child who is compatible to parents and siblings. This also allows the child to be born under favorable stars and lead an auspicious life.

    Whether or not you pre-select a birth time, it is helpful to read your child's Life Map at birth. The main purpose of an early reading is to understand your child's personality, health needs, and to avoid potential dangers. This knowledge provides guidance on the best parenting approach and education during your child's development years.

  • Education

    Many young adults are pressured by parents, peers, or society to get degrees in fields that are not compatible to them. When this happens, the student may suffer in their studies, feel lost, lack self-esteem, and end up misdirected and frustrated as they begin their career. Thus, one of the most crucial times to consult the Life Map is when you start higher education towards a career.

    Life Map guidance can save precious time, money, and possible resentment. It will confirm your interests and skills and offer guidance if you are uncertain as to your career path. Your Life Map can also reveal your compatible major(s) and what type of education or training best suits you.

  • Love

    Your Life Map reveals when you are likely to have relationships and what types of relationships they are. Are you playing the role of a soul mate, a secret mistress, or a casual sex partner? You will know when to pay attention and when not to succumb to temptation. Most importantly, you can be realistic and understand whether you are better suited to long-term, short-term, or open relationships. This knowledge can prevent unreasonable expectations. Knowing the purpose of your relationship(s), you can better prepare yourself if the time comes to go your separate ways. Rather than being held back by a long period of heartbreak, you can achieve closure and move forward.
    • Marriage - Before you get too serious with someone, it is wise to do a compatibility Life Map reading to understand the true purpose of your individual lives and your relationship. Every relationship is the result of karmic bonds established in previous lives. Marriage is not for everyone. Some people find this a daunting discovery, but in our experience, it is far better to know this than to go through a divorce, or to live a life distracted by stressful love relationships.
    • Karmic Bond - A karmic bond is the length of time that two people are likely to remain together in a relationship. Karmic bonds can be calculated when a Life Map is done for you and your significant other. Every relationship happens for a reason due to previous life karma. Depending on what debt is owed, a relationship may last one month, one year, five years, ten years, or more. A relationship in this lifetime may occur to complete what was  unfinished in a previous lifetime, to learn a lesson, or to pay what is due.
    • Partner Life Compatibility - Besides revealing the compatibility and term of your relationship, a reading of your significant other's Life Map allows you to see if they have characteristics that complement you. Are they spiritual, adventurous, tricky, sensual, candid, or opinionated? Does their spouse sector show that they will have a stable marriage or an adulterous one? Will they be successful or challenged in their career? Do they have good energy in their children sector? Do they have a solid family background? Life Maps provide an awareness that helps you make crucial relationship decisions and avoid relationship challenges that can negatively impact your entire life.