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Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect:

You reap what you sow.

Karma is not Fate:

It is the accumulation of your free will deeds.

Many people live with little awareness of the impact of their actions in this life and prior lifetimes. This can build up negative karma. Even though you might be careful about reducing the suffering of others through charity and awareness, this may or may not be the solution to releasing your bad karma.

Your Life Map reveals the areas, such as marriage, children, or career, in which there are karmic imbalances that can keep you from progressing in life. For example, you may have the "heaven's punishment" star energy in your Career Sector, which indicates a need to sacrifice or be taken advantage of by others in your work. Another example is the "heaven's tears" star energy in your Vital Sector, which indicates challenges that can affect your whole life. The influence of these negative stars can be minimized through Mantra Power deep meditation techniques.

To learn more, please see our Mantra Power page.

"When 1 + 1 = 0
You experience repeat, unusual misfortunes,
You are very careful driving, but keep getting hit by other cars,
You work very hard on your business, but still make no money,
You love your family, but they treat you badly,
You wonder, 'Does karma influence my luck?'"

~Chi-Jen Liu, Feng Shui Grand Master