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Your Life Map reveals vital information to help you understand and plan your life:

  • Who are you - your qualities and shortcomings
  • Career compatibility, various stages of your career, financial potential, compatible roles/positions, partnerships, regions, specific timing for major career decisions
  • Relationship with family, friends, significant other(s), when and how different relationships affect you
  • Situations to be aware of, prepare for, or try to avoid
  • Health areas to watch, compatible diet, and exercise
  • Best regions in which to settle down and travel to
  • Overview of entire life in 10-year cycles
  • Promoting elements, colors, numerology
  • Current feng shui and compatible orientations
  • Detailed reading for next 5 years
  • Recommendations for plan of action

Please prepare your questions. The more specific your questions are, the better we can answer them. Few people realize the detail the ZWDS reading provides. Depending on the question, sometimes a Yi-Jing reading, card reading, pendulum reading, or feng shui reading is necessary to get to the crux of the matter.

Life Map consultations can be done via:

  • Phone
  • Video conference via FaceTime, Zoom or Skype

To make an appointment, please provide your month, day, year, hour, and place of birth on our contact page.

What if I do not know my birth date hour?

A reverse calculation can be made to figure out your approximate time of birth. You would need to tell us approximately what time of day you were born (early morning, late morning, early afternoon, late afternoon, evening, night, etc.), your birth order based on same gender siblings (i.e., 2nd of 3 sons, eldest of 2 daughters, etc.) and what your current career is.

Do clients come back for further readings?

Most clients schedule an annual review of their Life Map. This way, they are able to make the best decisions during the course of each new year. Knowing what to be aware of keeps you on track towards achieving your goals and minimizes setbacks. However, birth charts can be reviewed any time a compatibility chart is needed for making major decisions in life, such as taking the next step in a romantic partnership or business venture.

If a reading indicates something bad in the future, am I able to change it?

As a wise ZWDS master once said, "We can predict when it will rain so you can decide whether or not you want to get wet."  Knowing when you need an umbrella keeps you protected.

The ZWDS is only one of 130 forces that influence your life. The final decisions you make regarding your actions and perspectives are still up to you. Your free will can alter the course of the path laid out in your Life Map. Knowing that there is a pothole in the road of life ahead of you allows you to take the action of "filling it in" or "driving around it" so that the road is smooth.

For example, your Life Map may indicate that your karmic bond with your spouse is only five years, and indeed, at the five year juncture in your relationship, your feelings for each other have changed. According to your Life Map, you and your spouse are free to part ways and the stars may indicate new people coming into your life. However, it is still your free will that decides to separate or stay in the relationship despite the reality of your feelings.

Another good example of using your free will is when your Life Map indicates that you are entering your health sector and the stars indicate ailment. You can make the choice to take serious care of your body rather than taking your health for granted.

If you are meant to do something about your life, you will likely receive messages to do so.