Lightning in Dark Sky

"Intentions compressed into words enfold magical power."

~Deepak Chopra,
Indian-American physician and author

Mantra Power is a medium used to communicate with universal forces of nature to create more balance and stability in your life. This virtually unknown ancient art empowers physical patterns of nature to invoke supernatural powers and control events. Like patterns of moving clouds, the orbits of the stars, UFO configurations, or an aerial view of our earth's rivers, mantra charm diagrams are symbols that embody the power of the Taoist philosophy.

A Mantra Charm is created to harness Mantra Power and use as a tool to amplify your intention. Typically made on paper by a master, Mantra Charms can protect you from negative energies such as injuries and money loss. The effectiveness of Mantra Charms relies on the depth and conviction of both the master's lifelong practice as well as your own. Specific Mantra Charms can be made to bring benefits such as health, love, and job promotion.


First recorded in China during the Liu Song Dynasty (420-479 CE), Mantra Charms can be traced back to prehistoric Taoist spirit writings. Taoism is a tradition of living in harmony with the eternal power behind everything that exists. The Tao Te Ching (or Dao De Jing), a book of teachings by Lao Tzu written around the 6th century BC, sets the foundation for the theories of yin/yang and the Five Elements. Astrology, I Ching (or Yi Jing), and other forms of divination are also associated with traditional Taoism. Taoist masters are often seen as shamans because they practice natural medicine, spiritual channelling, divination, exorcism, and various methods of longevity.

Mantra Power Fees

Life Map must be done prior to ordering. Private lesson on how to meditate with mantra chants and mudras is included.

  • Personalized Mantra Charms (12-20) $1,000 Effective for one lunar year.
  • Set of 7 Mantrawear$1,000 Please provide your own cotton items.
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