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When You Need a Miracle

When your own prayers and positive thinking are not enough, when all your hard work and feng shui adjustments are not enough, when your Life Map shows alignment with many negative stars, and when you are too burdened with heavy karma to release it on your own, you require a master for divine intervention.

A Liu Master can create and empower a custom set of paper Mantra Charms for you. Having a master meditate on you to boost your energies is stronger than meditating on your own. The intensity of Mantra Power increases when you combine the master-empowered Mantra Charms with your own deep meditation practice that includes chanting, hand poses (mudras), and visualization.

Paper Mantra Charms come in a set of 9 and are effective for one year. Creating only 1 Mantra Charm does not provide enough energy and protection for most people and situations.

Getting Started

Your Life Map must be done prior to making personalized Mantra Charms. We request a recent photo of your face and a lock of your hair. The purpose of this is to allow us to connect with your energy by visualizing you and connecting to the unique DNA in your hair.

Once we finish creating and empowering your Mantra Charms, they will be mailed to you with instructions, and we will schedule a video conference to customize a personalized meditation practice with you. This will cover:

Tracing Mantra Charm via Incense Mudra
  • Meditation and breathing techniques based on your level of experience
  • Explanation of the symbols and purpose of each Mantra Charm
  • Instruction on how to practice the associated mantra chants
  • Visualization techniques and mudra positions (hand poses) to amplify effectiveness
  • How to care for your Mantra Charms - they need to be carried with you at all times unless a specific placement has been recommended for them.

We recommend review sessions as needed to ensure that you are practicing correctly and effectively. Please share your feedback and experiences during your Mantra Power practice.

When your Mantra Charms expire after one year, we advise that you perform a closing ritual by safely burning them in a steel container. During this time, you should reflect on how they have helped you. Write a letter of appreciation to the universe for the blessings you have received. Please send us a copy of your letter to place on our altar as an acknowledgement of Mantra Power. It is recommended that you have a new set of Mantra Charms made before you burn your old ones.

Annual Tai Shui Protection

Extract from Chi Art "Star of Power" by Chi-Jen LiuTai Shui is a year of transition. This occurs every three years starting with your zodiac year. During Tai Shui years, you are more likely to face crises, challenges, and potential dangers in your life. Tai Shui years tend to precede turning points in your life. For example, the year before opening a new business, getting married, or getting pregnant, is usually stressful, especially if it is your Tai Shui year. You may experience issues that are out of your control. Mantra Charms can help alleviate potential conflicts, money loss, exhaustion, lawsuits, or personal harm. A Life Map reading is required to see what is in store for you and how to adjust your astrological energies through custom paper Mantra Charms.

Annual Nine Star Mantra Charms

Living Room InteriorEvery year, the Nine Star Chart shifts causing different energetic effects on our homes and businesses. Thus, annual feng shui adjustments need to be made to balance and preserve our investments. A set of custom Mantra Charms is an effective and discreet way to empower your space. Your Mantra Charms will be created based on the orientation and specific layout of your home or business. Once they are made, we will mail them to you, and schedule a video conference to instruct you on their placement and a blessing practice. A feng shui consultation must be done prior to ordering.

Space Clearing Mantra Charms

Extract from "Incense of Wealth" Chi Art PaintingIf you suspect that your environment holds the energy of traumatic occurrences or hauntings, Space Clearing Mantra Charms can help release them. If past traumas are left unhealed, they create a barrier that prevents us from growing and evolving. Physical feng shui adjustments alone cannot modify this type of energy field and it may take a series of clearings to fully release the negative energy.

Please provide photos and floor plans of the space that requires clearing. This allows us to connect with its energies. We will create Mantra Charms and empower them to release the specified types of negative energies in the space. Once complete, they will be mailed to you with instructions and a video conference will be scheduled to teach you how to place and use them to maintain the clearing of your space. The positive influences of feng shui have greater efficacy after clearing metaphysical blockages.

Types of traumatic events, intense emotions, or entities that can haunt a space include:

  • Bankruptcy or foreclosure of prior owner(s)
  • Prior death from homicide, suicide, violence, abuse, illness, miscarriage, accident
  • Crime or prior criminal residence
  • Divorce or separation (to remove residual energies of partner)
  • Grief, jealousy, ill-wishes/curses
  • Unresolved issues or incomplete promises
  • Intense fear
  • Deceased animals
  • Lost souls

Mantra Power Fees

Life Map must be done prior to ordering. Private lesson on how to meditate with mantra chants and mudras is included.

  • Personalized Mantra Charms (set of 9) $1,200 Effective for one lunar year.
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