Extract from "Koi Love" chi art by Chi-Jen Liu

Mantra Charms exist to send and receive messages from other dimensions. They draw forth your subconscious power to connect with universal forces. By empowering us with symbolic knowledge, Chi-Jen Liu bridges gaps in our perceptions and transforms our lives with his paintings.

Extract from Chi Art "16 Charms Release Disaster" by Chi-Jen LiuExtract from Chi Art "Guiding Light" by Chi-Jen LiuExtract from Chi Art "Prosperity Koi and Dragonfish" by Chi-Jen Liu

Talismans are a combination of all these different types of symbols used to invoke power and protection from higher dimensions and tap into the hidden powers within our subconscious mind. They are found all over the world in the walls of caves, pyramids, palaces, and places of worship; and incorporated into architecture, the metalwork of shields, sewn into flags, embroidered into robes, etched into jewelry, painted on pottery and carved into guardian statues.

Extract from Chi Art "Golden Rolling Coins" by Chi-Jen LiuExtract from Chi Art "Secret Code of Longevity" by Chi-Jen LiuExtract from Chi Art "Ganesha Brings Wealth" by Chi-Jen Liu

If you are interested in a solution that is more long-term than annual paper Mantra Charms, commissioned Chi Art containing Mantra Charms can be created to match 10-, 20-, or 30-year periods of your Life Map. Unlike paper Mantra Charms that are burned every year, when you commission Chi Art, you are making an investment by empowering your future as well as acquiring a one-of-a-kind art masterpiece. For those who have particularly weak or negative energies during one or multiple 10-year periods on their Life Map, Chi Art is a more effective and worthwhile solution for adjusting energy than annual Mantra Charms.

Extract from Chi Art "Rolling Coins Koi" by Chi-Jen LiuExtract from Chi Art "Dragon God Making Dreams Come True" by Chi-Jen LiuExtract from Chi Art "Galaxy Guardians" by Chi-Jen Liu

For homes and offices, having Chi Art serves a dual purpose of modifying the feng shui energies and being beautiful art decor. Within two years, you will find that the cost of annual paper Mantra Charms can almost add up to the cost of owning a permanent Chi Art reproduction.

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