Mantra Charms are created using calligraphy. An effective Mantra Charm is not only dependent on using the correct Chinese characters and diagrams, but the creator must also be highly tuned with his subconsciousness to establish a direct conduit for energy to travel from his mind, through his arm, into his hand, and out the brush, resulting in strokes of calligraphy imbued with his power. Just as you can enjoy music without knowing how to read the score, you do not have to be a master of this art to be moved by its beauty and message. These symbols touch us on a primal level.

A mantra is a spiritual language or audio talisman formed by phrases of sacred words, sounds and vibrations. Mantras are chanted to create an energy field to communicate with the universe and our subconscious mind in order to manifest certain outcomes. Chi-Jen Liu created the term "Mantra Charm" to describe the combination of Chinese characters and ancient Taoist talismans, symbols and diagrams that are a visual interpretation of mantra chants.

Below are some illustrated sample Mantra Charms. In each sample you will find (from top to bottom): the charm calligraphy, the corresponding hand mudra, and the mantra that is chanted.


Peace Mudra

Unexpected Fortune

Mudra for Unexpected Fortune


Health Mudra

The actual paper Mantra Charm includes only the calligraphy. The hand mudras and chants are taught to you separately and are not indicated on the paper Mantra Charms or MantraWear you will receive. The intensity of Mantra Power increases when Mantra Charms are practiced with chanting, mudras, visualization, and deep meditation.

The effectiveness level of a Mantra Charm varies from person to person for many reasons. For example, a person's karma may provide easy access to Mantra Power, but it also might present an obstacle. Personal karma equips each of us with different knowledge. If a person experienced many years of Mantra Charm practice in a previous life, they will most likely be more open-minded in this life, making it easier to inherit a high level of mantra knowledge.

Then there are others who feel drawn to Mantra Charms but have limited potential due to guilt or conflict in reconciling Mantra Charm practice with their culture or religion. Another obstacle may stem from a person's ancestral karma. If a person’s ancestral karma is very heavy, they may be prevented from fully developing their subconscious power.

Mantra Power Fees

Life Map must be done prior to ordering. Private lesson on how to meditate with mantra chants and mudras is included.

  • Personalized Mantra Charms (12-20) $1,000 Effective for one lunar year.
  • Set of 7 Mantrawear$1,000 Please provide your own cotton items.
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