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    Meet Our Clients: "Jenny has helped me better understand myself, my family, and my purpose in life."Ana Nabong, Patient Care Coordinator
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    New! Women’s Guide to Balanced Living
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    What is mylife purpose?What should bemy focus?
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    Master Jenny Liu charts Morgan Freeman's Life Map in National Geographic's "The Story of God"
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    How do I tap into myhidden powers?
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    When does art becomemeditation?
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Our Most Popular Services

Feng ShuiLet us create optimal feng shui for you by encoding who you want to be into your living spaces. We will custom design your spaces based on your promoting elements, colors, symbols, and numerology. Our Grand View Feng Shui evaluation includes gua calculations for residents or staff, interior and exterior analysis, as well as compass and Flying Star readings. 

Life MapLife is a journey. A good navigation system keeps you from getting lost and wasting time. The Zi Wei Do Shu Life Map calculates the influences of over 116 stars on 12 aspects of your life including health, family, career, and love. Understand who you are, your life's purpose, and your potential from the Grand View perspective. Find the best paths to manifesting your dreams.

Mantra PowerMantra Power is an ancient art that creates diagrams based on physical patterns of nature to invoke supernatural powers. Diagrams of moving clouds, the constellations, or an aerial view of our earth's rivers become symbolic charms that embody the forces of universal energy. These charms can be personalized to effectively adjust your energies and protect you.

Chi Art Feng Shui Chi Art by Chi-Jen Liu is a meditation expressed in visual form. Chi-Jen Liu paints for the sole purpose of creating balance between personal, feng shui, and cosmic dimensions. Gazing upon the mantra charms, diagrams, and symbols in Chi Art stimulates your subconscious mind, triggering subtle, yet deep states of transformation, illuminating your journey towards enlightenment. More...

BlessingsCelebrate your new home or grand opening with a blessing ceremony to empower your space with positive energies. Highly trained in clearing rituals, we can also effectively channel specific frequencies to purify negative energies in places and objects.